On occasion, we get lost in the jokes and feel the need to let loose. Usually, those jokes don't make it into the podcast, but these were too good to pass up… also, Jake has a laugh-whistle.

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Easily the best episode, of anything, ever… seriously… in the history of everything, this comes out trumps. We talk Hitch, we dive into the mailbag and answer many, many questions… and tare pseudoscience a new pseudo-a-hole. Enjoy. 

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We sat down to have a chat with Tanya Smith, the President of Atheist Aliance International. We talk AAI, conferences and events around the world, Hitchens, wine and how atheists should celebrate Christmas. If you'd like to support Atheist Alliance International please join as a member or donate:



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The God Particle; Vaccinating against stupidity; the Higgs Bison (pun); Prostate exams; what to call a believer and an ImaginaryFriendsShow rendition of A Christmas Carol. 

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The Catholic League suggests that there are Christians in the Atheist community and that Christians should 'adopt an atheist', and turn them to Jesus' crust.

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Marty Pribble from MartinSPribble.com joins me to talk Deepak Chopra; killing Santa for children; a cure for HIV; Islamic cucumber fetishes and love through martial arts. Enjoy.

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Legalization of same sex marriage in Australia; demonizing homosexuality on world AIDS day; biology students walking out of biology fundamentals lectures for Islam; and more. Enjoy.

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The science of winning through destroying the sacred items of another culture. If that's not cryptic enough, then I don't know what is.

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Eviscerating stupidity with science, episode 2 - Eviscerating the 2012 Mayan calendar myths with archaeology!

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Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass" occurred on the 10-11 of November, 1938, and marked the commencement of the Holocaust for over 5 million Jewish people. Never forget.

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