People are making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow. With bloopers.

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Epigenetics underly homosexuality; 5 things women who deny their husbands sex should know; how to sway conservative opinion on the environment; and so much more. Enjoy!

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Mayor scraps secular affirmation for Christian prayer; Coffee and Truffles will not survive climate change; Pat Robertson hates Creationism; Focus group looks at threats from AI; How infidelity helps neices and nephews, and; Indian rationalist debunks Catholic miracle and has to flee country. Enjoy!

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Marty and Jake talk thanksgiving; White Ribbon Day; Australian asylum seeker policy; Humanity's IQ is dropping; Pat Robertson is senile; Nativity scene is a myth; sex makes you happier than religion; and listener mail. Enjoy!

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Gregg, Pete and Jake discuss the most controversial of questions!

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Dr Peter Boghossian, possibly the most awesome philosopher (and IFS guest) in the world drops by to teach us how to talk people out of their faith (religious or otherwise) through creating 'street philosophers/epistemologists' to ask the right questions of the faithful.

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Sam West joins Pete and Jake to talk about accupuncture studies (bad science); the Republican/Christian rape issue; all non-Amish children are fat; telling the truth about Mormons is wrong and hateful!  

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Sam West joins Pete and Jake to talk about an upcoming documentary on atheists, for the religious, that he's producing. We also talk Natures I.Q. and the flaws of "Darwinism"; Koala's low genetic diversity; Scientists create an embrio from 3 different adults to kill mitochondrial disease. And so much more. Second episode with more stories out later this week. Visit http://wearenotmonsters.com.

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SCIENCEGASM!  World's  "biggest dinosaur park"; Time to find Alexander the Great; Too late to stop global warming, time to prepare for the future; One million kids to miss polio vaccine in Pakistan after bin Laden death; Muslims less promiscuous than atheists. And so much more. 

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Gregg's, Pete and Jake to talk cow sexting; Arkansas bigotry; weird neurosurgeons; mens views on abortion; Jurasic Park; Australian Idol goes all atheist; lolcats improve concentration; and so much more!

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