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Miranda Cileste Hale (@MirandaCHale) Ross Balch (@Skep_Chalenged) and Marty Pribble (@MartinPribble) join Jake to talk Vaccination, Stereotypes and how religious people deal with depression and Jesus's Wife!

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Dr Michio Kaku is coming to Australia in June for Think Inc (http://thinkinc.org.au) and Jake sat down to talk about the future of the mind, science, and the dangers of talking science to the lay-person. We'll announce a competition to win 2 tickets in next week's show. Enjoy!

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Atheists can be sexist, homophobic and Cosmos inspires blind faith in science, with Miranda Cileste Hale (@MirandaCHale), CJ Werleman (@CJWerleman), and the incredible Dan Arel (@DanArel).

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Noah Lugeons and Heath Enwright from the Scathing Atheist podcast, join Jake to talk about stuff that should not be discussed so early in the morning... but it was... Gamma Atheist was supposed to join us, but did not due to a severe case of sleeping. Enjoy!

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Tim Farley @Krelnik, John Sargeant @JPSargeant78 and Marty Pribble @MartinPribble join Jake to discuss the solstice, why a Nobel Prize winner won't be publishing with the top 3 science journals and we address some listener mail. Another episode out this week. 

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Emily Dietle from EmilyHasBooks.com, Adam Reakes from the Herd Mentality Podcast, Dave Viviano from GammaAtheist.com and Religious Tourist (@religioust on twitter) join Jake to talk about everything significant since the invention of sliced bread. Enjoy!

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Gamma Atheist, Dave Viviano, Marty Pribble, and, Scathing Atheist Noah Lugeons, join Jake to discuss life, the universe, and everything.

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Gamma Atheist, Dave Viviano; Scathing Atheist, Noah Lugeons, and; Marty Pribble, join Jake to talk about the finer things in life, like narcolepsy, androids and other science fact! Enjoy!

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Pete and Jake discuss the greatest science, politics and current affairs news and opinions that have ever been listened to. Enjoy.

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Tom and Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance join Jake to talk sorcery in Nigeria, Croatian alien heads, lightning hits the Creation Museum and so much more. Enjoy!

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