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Gregg, Pete and Jake discuss everything of importance in the universe today, yesterday and tomorrow!

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Gregg and Jake discuss religion, politics, current affairs, science and secularism in the most humorous way possible. Enjoy. 

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Fictionary: New-age hippy; Why atheism will replace religion; creationist nimrod attacks atheist demigod; Off course the tooth fairy is real; and much more! Enjoy!

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Introducting two new segments, Fictionary and What Would A Deity Do; Panda's are useful; Scientologists are hilarious; Stanford gets a humanist chaplain; Gambian leader claims herbs cure AIDS! Enjoy.

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Jake sat down with Ray Comfort, infamous moustachioed banana loving creationist, on his latest propaganda movie, on society, fornication, idolatry, and everything else in between. He also has a message for those attending The Global Atheist Convention 2012.

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Jake is campaigning for The Greens, so it's a short episode. We talk Catholic castration, Mexican drug-lords, ask if evolution is a touchy subject and then some other stuff. Enjoy.

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Planets, they're way the hell out there… but so are we. We talk exoplanets, CBMR, microwaves and manufacured meat.

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Hanging out with Warren Bonett from EmbiggenBooks.com, discovering the books YOU should be reading.

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John Perkins, President of the Australian Secular Party joins Jake and Gregg to promote his views on education, immigration, carbon taxes, and, of course, his connections with the Australian Sex Party.

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This show is live. It's mother-flipping true. We talk Iran, Burkas, Islam's role in society and prayer, Mary-Jane, Weed, and pot and about 60 or 70 other things. Here it is, delivered straight to your ear slits.

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