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Episode 2 of the Science-Gasm with Pete Darwin! This week, we talk obesity, climate change, deep drilling into ancient lakes and anaemic vegans.

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Bonus Science-gasm with Pete Darwin. We chat natural, evidence based therapies, such as meditation, the placebo effect, and then some vomitus attempts at evidence based "natural therapies".

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This episode Gregg and I talk about a million different things, we introduce Guru Habungadung, welcome back Psychic Bob, Gregg plugs his instagram, and also, Jake sounds obscenely sexy with a cold.

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In this bonus episode, we catch up with Ron Williams, the Queensland father taking on the National School Chaplaincy Program at the High Court of Australia http://www.highcourtchallenge.com/. We also chat with Jason Ball of the Atheist Foundation of Australia on the "Mark No Religion on the Census" campaign http://www.censusnoreligion.org/

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If anyone can, the Vatican can... and the Aust. Christian Lobby can too.. and will.. and did. We also talk Obama the Panda, Aliens and EASTER!

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In this episode of the one true podcast, we find out what the Catholic Church does to make the eucharist, we talk Thorium, Koran burning, Noah's flood and comet impacts, and then a whole load of other crap (non-pejorative).

Check out the Religious Antagonist: http://www.youtube.com/user/religiousantagonist.

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You made us to the top 5 of Atheist Podcasts in the Atheism/Agnosticism abount.com awards... now we kind of need you to vote again to take us higher than the bottom rung - http://tinyurl.com/4ze4v2f. Massive show, heaps of news, and Jake has a Catholic confession for your aural pleasure!

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Having defeated it's enemy in a perilously long and drawn out battle upon the ledge of a clock tower, Show 31 is here. We talk to David Nicholls from the AFA about the 2011 Census, we get angry at disengenuous Obama, more Danny Nalliah, and then theres all that other stuff.

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What a show!! Seriously, a lot of time and effort and sacrificed children went into the making of this show… so many sacrificed children, in fact, that we had to renew our advert on Craig’s List for more children… sadly, the Vatican always get’s them first! Nonetheless, awesome episode, possibly the best thus far.

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Episode 8

The complete antithesis to anything on WikiLeaks, Episode 8 is now legally available! And, exactly unlike WikiLeaks, it will no doubt cause little to no controversy! What can we offer? How about commentary on the latest religious news from Australia and around the globe (why not just say, ‘around the globe’? I hear you ask…), Gina enlightens us on the Mormons, Keith enlightens us on the most ridiculous of all that is religious, Jesus enlightens YOU with his hard-hitting advice, and Psychic Robert manages to de-enlighten you with his completely unimpressive psychic abilities. Sounds better than a vuvuzela! Surely? Enjoy the show!

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