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Emily Deitle, Dan Arel, Religious Tourist and Marty Pribble join Jake to discuss life, the universe and everything. Also, a lot more than that! And then some more! Does this guy ever shut up? No. Then more.

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Emily Deitle from Emilyhasbooks.com, Dave Viviano AKA GammaAtheist.com, Adam Reakes from the Herd Mentality Podcast and the Religious Tourist @religiousT, all join Jake to discuss how atheists cope, and help their friends death, with grief.

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@MrOzAtheist, @AdamReakes, @DanArel and Pete Darwin join Jake to talk all things scientific, skeptical, religious and political. Enjoy!

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Awesome human, Holly Warland joins Jake to talk: Lions that are dogs; dogs that are foxes; man exorcises Obama on live TV; Iranian counsellor fired for being too sexy; Former archbishoo of Cantebury tells Christians to grow up; and so much more! Enjoy!

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Emily Dietle (emilyhasbooks.com), Marty Pribble (MartinSPribble.com) and Adam Reakes (The Heard Mentality Podcast) join Pete and Jake to talk - spiritualism, monogomy, selfishness, Whooping cough, and so much more!

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Emily Dietle (emilyhasbooks.com), Marty Pribble (MartinSPribble.com) and Adam Reakes (The Heard Mentality Podcast) join Pete and Jake to talk - Redhead extinction; alien cow mutilation; police geese; Asylum seekers. Everything else will arrive in your ear cannals on Wednesday, this week! Enjoy! 

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The last episode ran long, so enjoy this bonus sciencegasm. Adam Reaks from the Herd Mentality Podcast join Pete and Jake to talk religion, politics, science and more science. 

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Marty Pribble joins Jake to talk about atheism and the need to move beyond "there is no god."

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Gregg, Pete and Jake discuss everything of importance in the universe today, yesterday and tomorrow!

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Gregg and Jake discuss religion, politics, current affairs, science and secularism in the most humorous way possible. Enjoy. 

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