Rudy Ruddell joins the show to puzzle out how the hell the conservatives have managed to attract the constituents that they want to remove rights from; a Catholic priest who believes in exorcism will be the head of mental health reform in Australia; and at least 700 other things!

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Bonus Science-gasm with Pete Darwin. We chat natural, evidence based therapies, such as meditation, the placebo effect, and then some vomitus attempts at evidence based "natural therapies".

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What a spectacular episode - the BC/AD contention; atheists with "faith" and "spirituality"; the Pope asks god to forgive non-evangelizing Catholics; and global warming causes mental health problems and much, much, much more!

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In this super special, and tremendously awesome, episode of "The Miracles of Modern Day Science, with Pete Darwin", Jake, Gregg and Pete talk about the lizard sex around Australia; Homo sapiens with european ancestors got their immunity from Neandertals and; the evolution of morality. Also, Jake is sick and may have lost his tiny little mind. 

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This episode Gregg and I talk about a million different things, we introduce Guru Habungadung, welcome back Psychic Bob, Gregg plugs his instagram, and also, Jake sounds obscenely sexy with a cold.

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This episode, Gregg and I chat about anthropomorphising, the evolution of the Homo species and several other questions from listeners. Pete and I also chat about the stupidity of Aussies and our terrible propensity to mix science with science-fiction. Enjoy.

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Apologies for the long episode... but it's awesome! This week, we talk parasites, leaches and scat. We also go into nukes for Christ, rioters, interracial couples are unnatural, Russian 'Atlantis' and confirm that Bert and Ernie are gay. Enjoy.

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In this bonus episode, we're joined by Sean, James and Desh, the masterminds (and indeed they are masterful minds) behind the upcoming Think Inc. conference (http:\\www.thinkinc.org.au) in Melbourne on the 18th of September. YOU CAN WIN TICKETS!! Send your answer to the following question to, ImaginaryFriendsShow@gmail.com: "In the next 10 years, what does the world need to do in order to survive and flourish?" 

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Dear BFFs, this week we talk Swedish atom splitters, no Burkas in Italy, longevity amongst the Jewish, world wide economic melt down perpetrated by the GOP and Tea Party, the WTC Cross and Jake's hairy legs. Enjoy. 

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In this bonus episode, we catch up with Ron Williams, the Queensland father taking on the National School Chaplaincy Program at the High Court of Australia http://www.highcourtchallenge.com/. We also chat with Jason Ball of the Atheist Foundation of Australia on the "Mark No Religion on the Census" campaign http://www.censusnoreligion.org/

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