Look, I'm busy, ok! This week we chat with Tyler Vela, Christian Apologist... FOR A REALLY LONG TIME!! We also talk archeopteryx with Pete Darwin. Peace, love and everything in between. 

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We sat down with CJ Werleman, author of God Hates You, Hate Him Back and Jesus Lied - He was only human; on his latest and greatest book, Koran Curious.

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Defence of marriage act; Norwegian extremist-christian; Sharia in Australia; sex in the streets; cannabis; DADT; and everything else. Enjoy!

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Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To avoid hearing about the debt ceiling crisis. Yeah, I went there! Testing anal dilation for gay priests (seriously), Rick Perry,  Catholics tired of Catholicism and skeptical problems in skeptic town.

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In this episode, Jake interviews Ben Phelps of the Westboro Baptist "God Hates Fags" Church in Topeka, Kansas. Homophobia and bigotry never sounded so horribly wrong.

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This episode we talk drug testing for people on welfare, 'real life' exorcisms, the Vatican is back in the black, and the Christian proseletyzing rules handbook. Also, Pete Darwin and I talk all things Botulism. 

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Gregg and I talk "the 5 things that atheists have wrong about religion", by Bee Schofeild, and the 'missionary position'. Pete Darwin and I chat about the newly banned synthetic weed "kronic". We also probe the origins of Gregg's serious science addiction. Enjoy.

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In this episode, we welcome Pete Darwin and a new segment, "The Miracles of Modern Day Science!" Pete and I talk solar flux, solar minimum and solar plexus... and coral bleaching. We also talk social injustice and the right to refuse police requests for religious reasons, and reincarnated secular Jewish lawyers being stoned to death by bad reporters. Enjoy.

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Short show this week because I've got exams this week, but a great show nonetheless. In this show we talk about what will happen when gay marriage is legalised, i.e. we'll all turn into Asians. We also talk about the Democrat's Weiner problem and the Republican mass-debate... because there were 7... it was a mass-debate. 

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So, we've had such jam-packed episodes over the last couple of weeks that inevitably things have had to be cut, here are the best bits of what you missed... and snake poo.

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