Could Harold Camping actually be the savior of the universe? I think so. Also, condoms, dancing nuns, progressive bishops, refugee/boat people/"they're taking our jobs"/queue jumpers and a whole load of other interesting stuff. Enjoy, lover.

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Recording on rapture day 2011 wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either. No, like all fairy tales, it was juuuust right... and then a bear ate it... or something. Nonetheless, open your mind and your ears and get ready to be splendifourized, because this is a hugely awesome show... which is also huge. Israel, Glenn Beck, Rapture, Halal and Sharia, and penis twirling. Yeah, it's in there. Enjoy!

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Having drunk more than half of the wine in Australia's bible-belt, we've returned to open a can of whoop-ass on some gererally unsavoury stuff. Osama, The Vatican's new anti-child-rape guidelines, the seven deadly sins and then some other stuff.

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Jake is attending rehab in wine country (which is actually the 'bible belt' of Australia doing research for book #2, so we've pre-cooked this episode for your aural pleasure. WTF happens if the atheism/secularism movement succeeds and what is the atheist worldview?

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Saint Peter is back to talk politics, science, misogyny and religion, we take a look into the deplorable world of the proselytising born again Christians and ZIONISM, the belief in the "c'mon, you promised", land!

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If anyone can, the Vatican can... and the Aust. Christian Lobby can too.. and will.. and did. We also talk Obama the Panda, Aliens and EASTER!

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In this schklepisode, we talk astronomy, astrology, China, prayer, Afghanistan, France, and sneezing. Enjoy!

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Episode 40 - The Power of Christ Confounds You!

WELCOME BACK GREGG SAVAGE! In this episode, pre-recorded for your aural pleasure, Jake and Gregg talk  about a trillion different things in the oblong of discussion (topical joke). Mainly though, they talk about why, in the mother-flipping boon-doggies, atheists are so darn heck anrgy! Also, if you were among the first 2k to download last weeks show, sorry about the audio!! Enjoy the show!

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In this episode, we talk abortion laws, atheist pride, love, the implications of burning a Koran and we give you the new Atheist anthem for Easter, Chocolate Feaster. Enjoy.

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In this episode of the one true podcast, we find out what the Catholic Church does to make the eucharist, we talk Thorium, Koran burning, Noah's flood and comet impacts, and then a whole load of other crap (non-pejorative).

Check out the Religious Antagonist: http://www.youtube.com/user/religiousantagonist.

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