A pseudo-intellectual discussion on the pseudo-coup which recently put the first pseudo-redhead into the highest pseudo-level of office in Australia’s pseudo-political system and what it means for the secular and pseudo-secular minorities of this nation… sue dough?

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This week we examine the ridiculousness of sharia law in Saudia Arabia, Keith goes searching in Pakistan for this week’s winner of the Imaginary Friends Imaginary Award for Imaginary Intelligence, Gina narrowly avoids death after calling scientology a “cult”, Allah drops by for a chat on the lounge, Psychic Bob predicts the unpredictable, we avoid washing our hands to save our modesty after predicting the coming of Christ and our Michael Jackson tribute takes a religious twist! All this in just over 50 minutes? It must be a miracle…

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This is a ‘Lost Episode’ which, for reasons God only knows, wasn’t able to be uploaded on time. So, in all our amateur glory, here it is for your belated pleasure! New episode is being record as we speak so don’t get your knickers in a knot… Yet.

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Supermegaubertremendamagnifafabuloawesome! It’s episode 4! Plenty of news and reviews to throw at you, covering the Vatican’s plan to invite atheists to debate with theologians about the existence of God (unless you’ve sold more than 10 copies of your book…) and the recent decision to go against the religiously -based wishes of some parents in S.A and save their son in the here-and-now. We have some new candidates for the Imaginary Friends Show Imaginary Award for Imaginary Intelligence… so many to choose from but there can only be one winner! And all your favourites – God, Psychic Bob, etc… Enjoy the show! 

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Bonus Episode 1 - Inside Creation Magazine

A humorous look (is there any other way to look at it?) inside this month’s “Creation Magazine”. Wanna know which fossils were planted by the devil and which ones are not a trick? Then this is your magazine!

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