This is numero uno in a new series of podcast that I hope to do regularly, tentatively called, 'Eviscerating morons with science'. I'm sure I'll change it to be more inclusive. This week we kill the Noachian Flood myth.

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Trailer to the new movie, Carl Sagan's, The Ring; Ray Comfort is a master salesman... and propagandist; The Pope wants to preserve his right do stop people from dying with dignity; Israelis sue geneticists and stenographers for not diagnosing serious deformities and; Cross Song. Enjoy.

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Dave Silverman from the American Atheists (www.atheists.org) joins Jake and Gregg to talk religion, science, politics, rationality and The Reason Rally in 2012. Dave also says some stuff... really riske` stuff... and I think I want to go to The Reason Rally 2012!!!

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This week we talk Gadaffi; ex-gay bigots Exodus International; discriminating against ones right to discriminate; Harold Camping fails again; Richard Dawkins gets bitchslapped by Gregg... and more. Enjoy

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This week, the gang talk blame for gay teen suicide, atheist existentialism, placing your cremated remains in bullets, condom advertisments and a whole bunch of other stuff. Enjoy.

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The is the audio from the MSF/Doctors Without Borders event recorded live from the Think Inc conference in Melbourne. We chat to Cristina Rad and my mother-flipping idol, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the man who killed pluto!

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This episode we talk about the omnipresence of Steve Jobs, Sarah Palin pulling out of indecision 2012, American politics, Slut Walk NYC, the fingerprint that god left on John Lennox and Muslim superheroes! Enjoy!

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John Perkins, President of the Australian Secular Party joins Jake and Gregg to promote his views on education, immigration, carbon taxes, and, of course, his connections with the Australian Sex Party.

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Jake is looking for a new political party, asylum seekers, courts stop arranged marriage, Christian schools make own national anthem and Saudi Arabia gives women the vote, then bullwhips a woman for driving... all this and more!

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Think Inc wrap-up, 15 questions 'Evolutionists' must answer, Atheism and autism, and the Battle for the Burka! Enjoy. 

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