Dear Autobots,
Welcome to part two of our conversation with Christian apologist and Michael Cera soundalike... and my pal, Tyler Vela.

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So, folks, you asked for Satan to come back... and I tried, but Jesus hijacked the mother-flipping show. In this show, we talk creationism, homosexuality, Lady Gaga, racism and then some other stuff. Enjoy.

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Episode 36 - Satan 'Comes Out' to Play

In this episode, we talk metiorites, Mummar Gaddafi, Polyamory, MORE catholic sex abusers outed, climate change, and then some other stuff. Enjoy!

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In this episode we talk Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood, NHS funding for hospital chaplains, Papal bigotry and some other stuff. Also, we introduce another episode of The Infancy Gospels of Thomas.

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Welcome to this super special salubriously spectaular bonus episode where Jake talks religion, bible errancy, culture and politics with Christian apologist and Michael Cera impersonator, Tyler Vela. This is part one of an ongoing series. Enjoy.

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This episode is, like, totally gay! BECAUSE IT'S MARDI GRAS TIME!! There's a new song, we talk Beiber, Climate Cange, colostomy bags and the what do we think theists think about us?

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What a great show! New York Mosque, Gay Marriage, automatic organ donation, a new interpretation of Islam for Pakistan, and then some other stuff. Also, make sure you vote for us in the atheist podcast awards: http://goo.gl/2bNqe. Enjoy.

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You made us to the top 5 of Atheist Podcasts in the Atheism/Agnosticism abount.com awards... now we kind of need you to vote again to take us higher than the bottom rung - http://tinyurl.com/4ze4v2f. Massive show, heaps of news, and Jake has a Catholic confession for your aural pleasure!

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Having defeated it's enemy in a perilously long and drawn out battle upon the ledge of a clock tower, Show 31 is here. We talk to David Nicholls from the AFA about the 2011 Census, we get angry at disengenuous Obama, more Danny Nalliah, and then theres all that other stuff.

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What a show!! Seriously, a lot of time and effort and sacrificed children went into the making of this show… so many sacrificed children, in fact, that we had to renew our advert on Craig’s List for more children… sadly, the Vatican always get’s them first! Nonetheless, awesome episode, possibly the best thus far.

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