In this episode of the one true podcast, we find out what the Catholic Church does to make the eucharist, we talk Thorium, Koran burning, Noah's flood and comet impacts, and then a whole load of other crap (non-pejorative).

Check out the Religious Antagonist: http://www.youtube.com/user/religiousantagonist.

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Dear Autobots,
Welcome to part two of our conversation with Christian apologist and Michael Cera soundalike... and my pal, Tyler Vela.

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So, folks, you asked for Satan to come back... and I tried, but Jesus hijacked the mother-flipping show. In this show, we talk creationism, homosexuality, Lady Gaga, racism and then some other stuff. Enjoy.

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Episode 36 - Satan 'Comes Out' to Play

In this episode, we talk metiorites, Mummar Gaddafi, Polyamory, MORE catholic sex abusers outed, climate change, and then some other stuff. Enjoy!

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In this episode we talk Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood, NHS funding for hospital chaplains, Papal bigotry and some other stuff. Also, we introduce another episode of The Infancy Gospels of Thomas.

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