Saint Peter is back to talk politics, science, misogyny and religion, we take a look into the deplorable world of the proselytising born again Christians and ZIONISM, the belief in the "c'mon, you promised", land!

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If anyone can, the Vatican can... and the Aust. Christian Lobby can too.. and will.. and did. We also talk Obama the Panda, Aliens and EASTER!

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In this schklepisode, we talk astronomy, astrology, China, prayer, Afghanistan, France, and sneezing. Enjoy!

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Episode 40 - The Power of Christ Confounds You!

WELCOME BACK GREGG SAVAGE! In this episode, pre-recorded for your aural pleasure, Jake and Gregg talk  about a trillion different things in the oblong of discussion (topical joke). Mainly though, they talk about why, in the mother-flipping boon-doggies, atheists are so darn heck anrgy! Also, if you were among the first 2k to download last weeks show, sorry about the audio!! Enjoy the show!

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In this episode, we talk abortion laws, atheist pride, love, the implications of burning a Koran and we give you the new Atheist anthem for Easter, Chocolate Feaster. Enjoy.

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