Think Inc wrap-up, 15 questions 'Evolutionists' must answer, Atheism and autism, and the Battle for the Burka! Enjoy. 

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This show is live. It's mother-flipping true. We talk Iran, Burkas, Islam's role in society and prayer, Mary-Jane, Weed, and pot and about 60 or 70 other things. Here it is, delivered straight to your ear slits.

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Episode 2 of the Science-Gasm with Pete Darwin! This week, we talk obesity, climate change, deep drilling into ancient lakes and anaemic vegans.

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Rudy Ruddell joins the show to puzzle out how the hell the conservatives have managed to attract the constituents that they want to remove rights from; a Catholic priest who believes in exorcism will be the head of mental health reform in Australia; and at least 700 other things!

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Bonus Science-gasm with Pete Darwin. We chat natural, evidence based therapies, such as meditation, the placebo effect, and then some vomitus attempts at evidence based "natural therapies".

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What a spectacular episode - the BC/AD contention; atheists with "faith" and "spirituality"; the Pope asks god to forgive non-evangelizing Catholics; and global warming causes mental health problems and much, much, much more!

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In this super special, and tremendously awesome, episode of "The Miracles of Modern Day Science, with Pete Darwin", Jake, Gregg and Pete talk about the lizard sex around Australia; Homo sapiens with european ancestors got their immunity from Neandertals and; the evolution of morality. Also, Jake is sick and may have lost his tiny little mind. 

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