The science of winning through destroying the sacred items of another culture. If that's not cryptic enough, then I don't know what is.

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Eviscerating stupidity with science, episode 2 - Eviscerating the 2012 Mayan calendar myths with archaeology!

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Kristallnacht, "The Night of Broken Glass" occurred on the 10-11 of November, 1938, and marked the commencement of the Holocaust for over 5 million Jewish people. Never forget.

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This week we talk Italy, Parthenogenetic Stick Insects, Islamic honour killings, a bible reading record attempt, ethics classes vs religious instruction, and Jake has a freaking meltdown! Enjoy, Ninjas!

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This is numero uno in a new series of podcast that I hope to do regularly, tentatively called, 'Eviscerating morons with science'. I'm sure I'll change it to be more inclusive. This week we kill the Noachian Flood myth.

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Trailer to the new movie, Carl Sagan's, The Ring; Ray Comfort is a master salesman... and propagandist; The Pope wants to preserve his right do stop people from dying with dignity; Israelis sue geneticists and stenographers for not diagnosing serious deformities and; Cross Song. Enjoy.

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Dave Silverman from the American Atheists (www.atheists.org) joins Jake and Gregg to talk religion, science, politics, rationality and The Reason Rally in 2012. Dave also says some stuff... really riske` stuff... and I think I want to go to The Reason Rally 2012!!!

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