People are making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow. With bloopers.

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Epigenetics underly homosexuality; 5 things women who deny their husbands sex should know; how to sway conservative opinion on the environment; and so much more. Enjoy!

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Mayor scraps secular affirmation for Christian prayer; Coffee and Truffles will not survive climate change; Pat Robertson hates Creationism; Focus group looks at threats from AI; How infidelity helps neices and nephews, and; Indian rationalist debunks Catholic miracle and has to flee country. Enjoy!

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Marty and Jake talk thanksgiving; White Ribbon Day; Australian asylum seeker policy; Humanity's IQ is dropping; Pat Robertson is senile; Nativity scene is a myth; sex makes you happier than religion; and listener mail. Enjoy!

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Gregg, Pete and Jake discuss the most controversial of questions!

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Dr Peter Boghossian, possibly the most awesome philosopher (and IFS guest) in the world drops by to teach us how to talk people out of their faith (religious or otherwise) through creating 'street philosophers/epistemologists' to ask the right questions of the faithful.

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Sam West joins Pete and Jake to talk about accupuncture studies (bad science); the Republican/Christian rape issue; all non-Amish children are fat; telling the truth about Mormons is wrong and hateful!  

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Sam West joins Pete and Jake to talk about an upcoming documentary on atheists, for the religious, that he's producing. We also talk Natures I.Q. and the flaws of "Darwinism"; Koala's low genetic diversity; Scientists create an embrio from 3 different adults to kill mitochondrial disease. And so much more. Second episode with more stories out later this week. Visit http://wearenotmonsters.com.

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SCIENCEGASM!  World's  "biggest dinosaur park"; Time to find Alexander the Great; Too late to stop global warming, time to prepare for the future; One million kids to miss polio vaccine in Pakistan after bin Laden death; Muslims less promiscuous than atheists. And so much more. 

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Gregg's, Pete and Jake to talk cow sexting; Arkansas bigotry; weird neurosurgeons; mens views on abortion; Jurasic Park; Australian Idol goes all atheist; lolcats improve concentration; and so much more!

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Holly and Pete deliver a sciencegasm straight to your ear canal, without even buying you dinner first. Gregorian calendars; crazy awesome bacteria; phylogeny of rats; boat people; Homo errectus; homosexuality and the bible from a gay Christian; and so much more! Enjoy!

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UNEDITED - Tim Hawken, Author of I Am Satan and Hellbound joins Holly Warland, Pete and Jake for a voyage of self discovery and news. Actually, mostly news. In fact, totally news. 

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Jake explains some of what he does and Danny Jarman (http://www.youtube.com/djarm67) drops by to talk about an upcoming talk on "Religion In The 21st Century": https://www.facebook.com/events/239350822854762/

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In this ScienceGasm episode, Pete and Jake elucidate on why moderate voices aren't heard; hindsight bias; chemical castration for LGBTs; smoking is healthier than "gay lifestyle"; Chuck Norris is dumb; and much more. Enjoy! 

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Kim Rippere, president of http://SecularWoman.org, Marty Pribble and Pete Darwin join us to talk evolution, thermodynamics and sexism and bullying in the atheist and skeptic community, and the advent of Atheism +. Enjoy.

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Time for a sciencegasm! eBay dumps magic, psychics and prayer; religion fires back on the god particle; the evolution of menopause; self awareness; climate vs weather; vaccines and autism "debate" ruining it for everyone; sharp rise in attacks on Christianity and; biblical park in Israel gets donkey Wi-Fi. Enjoy! 

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Tom and Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance (http://DissonancePod.com) join Jake to talk "ex-gay reperative therapy," Hungarian self hating Jews, sentient carrots blaming bad weather on Obama, Darwin's letter to Satan and so much more. Enjoy. 

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On this week's show: Magellan, Mayan long form calendar, Saudi Arabian women Olympians, Taliban want to kill themselves, Gun control, Heal you by kicking you in the face; and so much more. Enjoy.

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A real Jurasic Park; Gore Vidal; Champagne; Atheist groups; Chik-Fil-A; Humans are hard-wired to "love thy neighbour"; and so much more!

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Pete and Jake chat with Michael Barnett (http://mikeybear.wordpress.com) and Gregory Storer (http://gps.storer.com.au) on atheism and being gay… gaytheism? Enjoy this extended discussion, you deserve it!

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ScienceGasm 101 - The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. Jake and Pete Darwin smash apart one of the worst public "journals" ever put out! 

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Bastille day, eugenics, The Church of The Holy Sepulchre, Sedition, Gardasil for boys, ask your president about their religion, Melina Gates, killing the Green Dragon, Atheist deathbed conversions, Hominid ancestors in the cupbord and much more! 

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Guy P. Harrison, author of 3 books (all in Jake's top 10 favorites), drops by to discuss his latest book, 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True. CAUTION: BEWARE OF MINDGASMS!

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Jacob Fortin from TheGoodAtheist.net Podcast joins Jake for a chat about his new book Kickstarter campaign, live shows, podcasting, the bible, the universe and everything! Sure it's a little long, but you'll adore it!

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Scalar radiation caused Tunguska; the 1860 evolution debate religion makes you fat; circumcision; Facebook for zombies; leap seconds and a whole bunch of other stuff!

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Archery, snakes, chaplains, Prop 8 proponent does 180, census and buying the media! Enjoy.

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History, politics, current affairs, science, medicine and so much more. This episode is un-censored, unedited and thoroughly enjoyable. Get ready for an eargasm!

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Holly, Andrew Skegg, Marty Pribble and Jake chat about Alain de Botton's new book, Religion for Atheists, and everything that is wrong about it. Which is everything. *Spoiler Alert!!*

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Chuck Norris, crusaders, Vandals, Romney's daddy is an illegal imigrant, Southern Belles are homophobic, goblins in Zimbabwe and climate denial not rooted in science illiteracy, just rooted in general. Enjoy. 

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Space X's Dragon takes Bones McCoy and a Christian Cross into space; Mitt Romney wants a powerful NASA; Jeff Foxworthy to write new tornado warnings; Vatican's chief exorcist kidnaps teenager; virginity and much, much more! Enjoy! 

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Discriminations against smokers; the innocence of Pope Innocent IV; Obama and Mittens are Satan, vote Jesus; Elections around the world; Blair want's to deep-throat religion and equal opportunity council's board member states sincere bias. Enjoy! 

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Catholic Church tells women to stop being so picky with their choice of men; Barack Obama supports gay marriage; Hartland Institute calls scientists murderers and tyrants and; so much more. Enjoy!

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Musician Shelley Segal, @Fearblandness and @askegg join us to talk the Burka, the decline of religion, calling sex abuse victims 'gold diggers' and Egypt! Enjoy. Check out http://ShelleySegal.com

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Dave 'The Happy' Singer, Martin S Pribble and Gregg Savage join the show to talk royal commissions into Catholic sex abuse; HIV is a deadly weapon; 14 YO married necrophiliacs in Egypt and; Nuns gone wild! Enjoy.

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Wrap up of the GAC2012, donate for a wheelchair for Talia and Santorum ruins chocolate thickshakes for Jake.

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Jake sat down with Ray Comfort, infamous moustachioed banana loving creationist, on his latest propaganda movie, on society, fornication, idolatry, and everything else in between. He also has a message for those attending The Global Atheist Convention 2012.

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Andrew Skegg from The Godless Business podcast and Marty from MartinSPribble.com join us. We discuss the myths behind Easter, complementary medicine, circumcision and the Global Atheist Conference that begins next week in Melbourne! Enjoy.

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The Vatican needs a voodoo doll of the pope? 7 reasons why Catholics are leaving the church en masse; Transgender Miss Universe contestant disqualified; and heaps of other stuff! Enjoy.

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Jake is campaigning for The Greens, so it's a short episode. We talk Catholic castration, Mexican drug-lords, ask if evolution is a touchy subject and then some other stuff. Enjoy.

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Carl Katter, board member of http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/ brother of infamous Aussie akubra wearing politician, Bob Katter, joins us to talk politics, equality, same sex marriage, teen suicide, homophobia and bigotry. 

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Nathan Evans, an Australian young earth creationist, joins Jake to divulge the evidence that supports creationism.

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Paypal to censor book distributors; Dry ice in the hands of morons; Swearing; Atheists provoking Muslims and Orthodox Jews; Afghanistan, a great place to burn Korans.

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Join Jake, Jerry DeWitt, from RecoveringFromReligion.org, and Pete Darwin for a ScienceGasm episode looking at the corollaries between atheism and depression, and what we can learn from religion. Atheist existentialism: http://goo.gl/SaKkE. Vote for us: http://bit.ly/Ajrl3r.

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Planets, they're way the hell out there… but so are we. We talk exoplanets, CBMR, microwaves and manufacured meat.

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Marty Pribble joins us to talk Nigerian-American scammers; special neutrino relativity; stem cell meat burgers; Maldives Islamists destroy heritage and history; Ron Paul makes some sense. Also, vote for us here: http://bit.ly/Ajrl3r.

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Saudi love police kill valentines; Prop 8 exploded; gay marriage in Australia; Pope fails at exorcism; Militant secularism; and an appeal to get IFS to the GAC!

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Hanging out with Warren Bonett from EmbiggenBooks.com, discovering the books YOU should be reading.

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Australia, the Christian nation; zombies in South Africa; evolution is an offence to science; and some other stuff, enjoy!

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An amazing chat with Jerry DeWitt from RecoveringFromReligion.org. Ex-Pentecostal minister and now part of Dan Dennett's Clergy Project, Jerry is a fierce friend for those who've left a religion!

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Jake goes to 'psychic camp' to learn how to 'unleash your latent psychic powers', and learns that, while completely skeptical, was the most 'psychic person at the camp'. How about that. Also we talk about the likely origins of life on earth. Spluck yeah! Enjoy.

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Riots mar Australia Day; AAI get behind the Indonesian atheist in hot water for his lack of belief; the outsider's test of faith; Neanderthals were freaking smart; and more. Enjoy.

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Warren Bonett from EmbiggenBooks.com in Melbourne drops by the show for a new segment looking at the books you should be reading… and why the hell you should be reading them. Enjoy!

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Silly things that we believe; skepticism in action; David Ike; Cognitive dissonance; 2012 Global Atheist Conference slammed by regal creationists.  

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Neo-Nazi white supremacists to hold music festival in Jake's home town. Jake explodes!

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Gregg and Jake talk Mitt 'the tit' Romney; mass firings of school chaplains; sex toys in the bible; immigrants body odor and the pope getting same species married to a Vogon.

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Thanks to the listener, David, who wrote in to ask "why doesn't natural selection explain homosexuality?" We answered your question, we answered the heck out of it. Then we answered it some more. Enjoy.

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7 YO girl is spat on in an Orthodox Jewish community in Israel for "dressing immodestly".

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Judge outlaws girls baptism; how to silence a conspiracy theorist; a new calendar; 2012 predictions and resolutions; and Jake steps on a brown snake. 

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Gregg, Pete Darwin and Jake sit down for a chat about the soul, the intelligence, e-people, space, and the future of humanity. Too cool. 

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