Riots mar Australia Day; AAI get behind the Indonesian atheist in hot water for his lack of belief; the outsider's test of faith; Neanderthals were freaking smart; and more. Enjoy.

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Warren Bonett from EmbiggenBooks.com in Melbourne drops by the show for a new segment looking at the books you should be reading… and why the hell you should be reading them. Enjoy!

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Silly things that we believe; skepticism in action; David Ike; Cognitive dissonance; 2012 Global Atheist Conference slammed by regal creationists.  

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Neo-Nazi white supremacists to hold music festival in Jake's home town. Jake explodes!

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Gregg and Jake talk Mitt 'the tit' Romney; mass firings of school chaplains; sex toys in the bible; immigrants body odor and the pope getting same species married to a Vogon.

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Thanks to the listener, David, who wrote in to ask "why doesn't natural selection explain homosexuality?" We answered your question, we answered the heck out of it. Then we answered it some more. Enjoy.

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7 YO girl is spat on in an Orthodox Jewish community in Israel for "dressing immodestly".

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Judge outlaws girls baptism; how to silence a conspiracy theorist; a new calendar; 2012 predictions and resolutions; and Jake steps on a brown snake. 

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Gregg, Pete Darwin and Jake sit down for a chat about the soul, the intelligence, e-people, space, and the future of humanity. Too cool. 

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