Planets, they're way the hell out there… but so are we. We talk exoplanets, CBMR, microwaves and manufacured meat.

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Marty Pribble joins us to talk Nigerian-American scammers; special neutrino relativity; stem cell meat burgers; Maldives Islamists destroy heritage and history; Ron Paul makes some sense. Also, vote for us here: http://bit.ly/Ajrl3r.

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Saudi love police kill valentines; Prop 8 exploded; gay marriage in Australia; Pope fails at exorcism; Militant secularism; and an appeal to get IFS to the GAC!

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Hanging out with Warren Bonett from EmbiggenBooks.com, discovering the books YOU should be reading.

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Australia, the Christian nation; zombies in South Africa; evolution is an offence to science; and some other stuff, enjoy!

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An amazing chat with Jerry DeWitt from RecoveringFromReligion.org. Ex-Pentecostal minister and now part of Dan Dennett's Clergy Project, Jerry is a fierce friend for those who've left a religion!

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Jake goes to 'psychic camp' to learn how to 'unleash your latent psychic powers', and learns that, while completely skeptical, was the most 'psychic person at the camp'. How about that. Also we talk about the likely origins of life on earth. Spluck yeah! Enjoy.

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