The Vatican needs a voodoo doll of the pope? 7 reasons why Catholics are leaving the church en masse; Transgender Miss Universe contestant disqualified; and heaps of other stuff! Enjoy.

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Jake is campaigning for The Greens, so it's a short episode. We talk Catholic castration, Mexican drug-lords, ask if evolution is a touchy subject and then some other stuff. Enjoy.

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Carl Katter, board member of http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/ brother of infamous Aussie akubra wearing politician, Bob Katter, joins us to talk politics, equality, same sex marriage, teen suicide, homophobia and bigotry. 

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Nathan Evans, an Australian young earth creationist, joins Jake to divulge the evidence that supports creationism.

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Paypal to censor book distributors; Dry ice in the hands of morons; Swearing; Atheists provoking Muslims and Orthodox Jews; Afghanistan, a great place to burn Korans.

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Join Jake, Jerry DeWitt, from RecoveringFromReligion.org, and Pete Darwin for a ScienceGasm episode looking at the corollaries between atheism and depression, and what we can learn from religion. Atheist existentialism: http://goo.gl/SaKkE. Vote for us: http://bit.ly/Ajrl3r.

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