Space X's Dragon takes Bones McCoy and a Christian Cross into space; Mitt Romney wants a powerful NASA; Jeff Foxworthy to write new tornado warnings; Vatican's chief exorcist kidnaps teenager; virginity and much, much more! Enjoy! 

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Discriminations against smokers; the innocence of Pope Innocent IV; Obama and Mittens are Satan, vote Jesus; Elections around the world; Blair want's to deep-throat religion and equal opportunity council's board member states sincere bias. Enjoy! 

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Catholic Church tells women to stop being so picky with their choice of men; Barack Obama supports gay marriage; Hartland Institute calls scientists murderers and tyrants and; so much more. Enjoy!

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Musician Shelley Segal, @Fearblandness and @askegg join us to talk the Burka, the decline of religion, calling sex abuse victims 'gold diggers' and Egypt! Enjoy. Check out http://ShelleySegal.com

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