Scalar radiation caused Tunguska; the 1860 evolution debate religion makes you fat; circumcision; Facebook for zombies; leap seconds and a whole bunch of other stuff!

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Archery, snakes, chaplains, Prop 8 proponent does 180, census and buying the media! Enjoy.

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History, politics, current affairs, science, medicine and so much more. This episode is un-censored, unedited and thoroughly enjoyable. Get ready for an eargasm!

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Holly, Andrew Skegg, Marty Pribble and Jake chat about Alain de Botton's new book, Religion for Atheists, and everything that is wrong about it. Which is everything. *Spoiler Alert!!*

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Chuck Norris, crusaders, Vandals, Romney's daddy is an illegal imigrant, Southern Belles are homophobic, goblins in Zimbabwe and climate denial not rooted in science illiteracy, just rooted in general. Enjoy. 

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