Pete and Jake chat with Michael Barnett (http://mikeybear.wordpress.com) and Gregory Storer (http://gps.storer.com.au) on atheism and being gay… gaytheism? Enjoy this extended discussion, you deserve it!

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ScienceGasm 101 - The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. Jake and Pete Darwin smash apart one of the worst public "journals" ever put out! 

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Bastille day, eugenics, The Church of The Holy Sepulchre, Sedition, Gardasil for boys, ask your president about their religion, Melina Gates, killing the Green Dragon, Atheist deathbed conversions, Hominid ancestors in the cupbord and much more! 

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Guy P. Harrison, author of 3 books (all in Jake's top 10 favorites), drops by to discuss his latest book, 50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True. CAUTION: BEWARE OF MINDGASMS!

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Jacob Fortin from TheGoodAtheist.net Podcast joins Jake for a chat about his new book Kickstarter campaign, live shows, podcasting, the bible, the universe and everything! Sure it's a little long, but you'll adore it!

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