Time for a sciencegasm! eBay dumps magic, psychics and prayer; religion fires back on the god particle; the evolution of menopause; self awareness; climate vs weather; vaccines and autism "debate" ruining it for everyone; sharp rise in attacks on Christianity and; biblical park in Israel gets donkey Wi-Fi. Enjoy! 

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Tom and Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance (http://DissonancePod.com) join Jake to talk "ex-gay reperative therapy," Hungarian self hating Jews, sentient carrots blaming bad weather on Obama, Darwin's letter to Satan and so much more. Enjoy. 

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On this week's show: Magellan, Mayan long form calendar, Saudi Arabian women Olympians, Taliban want to kill themselves, Gun control, Heal you by kicking you in the face; and so much more. Enjoy.

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A real Jurasic Park; Gore Vidal; Champagne; Atheist groups; Chik-Fil-A; Humans are hard-wired to "love thy neighbour"; and so much more!

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