UNEDITED - Tim Hawken, Author of I Am Satan and Hellbound joins Holly Warland, Pete and Jake for a voyage of self discovery and news. Actually, mostly news. In fact, totally news. 

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Jake explains some of what he does and Danny Jarman (http://www.youtube.com/djarm67) drops by to talk about an upcoming talk on "Religion In The 21st Century": https://www.facebook.com/events/239350822854762/

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In this ScienceGasm episode, Pete and Jake elucidate on why moderate voices aren't heard; hindsight bias; chemical castration for LGBTs; smoking is healthier than "gay lifestyle"; Chuck Norris is dumb; and much more. Enjoy! 

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Kim Rippere, president of http://SecularWoman.org, Marty Pribble and Pete Darwin join us to talk evolution, thermodynamics and sexism and bullying in the atheist and skeptic community, and the advent of Atheism +. Enjoy.

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