Sam West joins Pete and Jake to talk about an upcoming documentary on atheists, for the religious, that he's producing. We also talk Natures I.Q. and the flaws of "Darwinism"; Koala's low genetic diversity; Scientists create an embrio from 3 different adults to kill mitochondrial disease. And so much more. Second episode with more stories out later this week. Visit http://wearenotmonsters.com.

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SCIENCEGASM!  World's  "biggest dinosaur park"; Time to find Alexander the Great; Too late to stop global warming, time to prepare for the future; One million kids to miss polio vaccine in Pakistan after bin Laden death; Muslims less promiscuous than atheists. And so much more. 

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Gregg's, Pete and Jake to talk cow sexting; Arkansas bigotry; weird neurosurgeons; mens views on abortion; Jurasic Park; Australian Idol goes all atheist; lolcats improve concentration; and so much more!

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Holly and Pete deliver a sciencegasm straight to your ear canal, without even buying you dinner first. Gregorian calendars; crazy awesome bacteria; phylogeny of rats; boat people; Homo errectus; homosexuality and the bible from a gay Christian; and so much more! Enjoy!

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