Teacher under investigation for reading "Vagina" from a text book; memories from NDE's more real than real memories; the fountain of youth has telomerase in it; the common ancestor of everything; and so much more! Enjoy.

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Jake and Pete frankly discuss Jake's recent experience with anxiety, depression and panic attacks - the science, the circumstances and how to deal with it in a secular way. Enjoy. 

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Sorry, everyone is sick or ill, so we're doing our first rerun, so enjoy the hell out of it!! 

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Holly Warland drops by to talk about her Youth Ambassador role with Headspace.org.au; North Korea mandates hairstyles; Man's attempt at invisible bank robbery goes awry; Pope says "god was asleep"; Ray Comfort is recruiting warriors; moments of spirituality induce liberalism and; Tycoon sends couple to Mars. Enjoy!

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