The last episode ran long, so enjoy this bonus sciencegasm. Adam Reaks from the Herd Mentality Podcast join Pete and Jake to talk religion, politics, science and more science. 

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Adam Reaks from the Herd Mentality Podcast join Pete and Jake to talk about Mars travel; Swedish politician genitals; Satanists turning Fred Phelps' Mum gay; religion to disappear by 2041; dinosaur sex; and the case for alien life! Join us again later this week for more science. Enjoy!

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This is an interview with Ben Phelps, grandson of Pastor Fred Phelps, the homophobic, anti-Semitic, bigot from the Westboro Baptist “God Hates Fags” church from Topeka, Kansas.

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Marty Pribble joins Jake to talk about atheism and the need to move beyond "there is no god."

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Gregg, Pete and Jake discuss everything of importance in the universe today, yesterday and tomorrow!

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Jerry DeWitt, former Pentacostal minister turned atheist and now Secular Minister at Community Mission Chapel and now author of a book you have to read - Hope After Faith, An ex-pastor's journet from belief to atheism (http://hopeafterfaith.com). Feturing a bonus discussion on "alien mutilation of cattle". Enjoy! 

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