C-Webb (from C-Webb's Sunday School) delivers an awesome Xmas Carol remix, then John Sargeant, Tim Farley and Marty Pribble discuss activism vs clictivism and why Marty is leaving online atheism.

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Tim Farley @Krelnik, John Sargeant @JPSargeant78 and Marty Pribble @MartinPribble join Jake to discuss the solstice, why a Nobel Prize winner won't be publishing with the top 3 science journals and we address some listener mail. Another episode out this week. 

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Dan Arel, Thomas And The Bible and Dr Dave Hawkes join Jake to elucidate on the finer points of the universe.

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Jake, Dan and Thomas allow Dr Dave Hawkes to discuss epigenetics and neural plasticity. And some other stuff. 

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