Noah Lugeons and Heath Enwright from the Scathing Atheist podcast, join Jake to talk about stuff that should not be discussed so early in the morning... but it was... Gamma Atheist was supposed to join us, but did not due to a severe case of sleeping. Enjoy!

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Kevin (@Perth_Atheist) Adam Reakes from the Herd Mentality Podcast and Pete Darwin join Jake to philosophize and wax lyrical.  

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Two shows this week!! Adam Reakes (@AdamReakes) from The Herd Mentality Podcast, The Perth Atheist (@Perth_Atheist) and Pete Darwin join Jake to discuss mermaids, family eating whales, Jerusalem Syndrome and so much more! More out Wednesday!

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A MrOzAtheist, a Ross Balch and a Unicorn On The Moon walk into a bar to discuss Texas education, synthetic biology and HPV Vaccines and sex! Enjoy!

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A MrOzAtheist, a Ross Balch and a Unicorn On The Moon walk into a bar to discuss bigfoot, Mormonism's falacious claims come under scrutiny, Ken V Sham and so much more. Two shows out this week. Enjoy!

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Tom and Ceeeeeeecil from Cognitive Dissonance (http://dissonancepod.com/) join Jake to discuss all of the most important things in life, the universe and everything - Noah's Ark, Justin Bieber, Happy Meal Heroine, True Love Bra's, Vladmir Putin, the right way to perform exorcism, and so much more! Enjoy! 

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