Dr Michio Kaku is coming to Australia in June for Think Inc (http://thinkinc.org.au) and Jake sat down to talk about the future of the mind, science, and the dangers of talking science to the lay-person. We'll announce a competition to win 2 tickets in next week's show. Enjoy!

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As Jake smashes out a couple of hairy assignments, here we present you with a delightful malange of interviews from the recent 24 Hour Podcast. Joining Jake was Tanner Campbell, Gamma Atheist, Emery Emery, David Fitzgerald and Andrew Cheetle Ford. Enjoy!

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Atheists can be sexist, homophobic and Cosmos inspires blind faith in science, with Miranda Cileste Hale (@MirandaCHale), CJ Werleman (@CJWerleman), and the incredible Dan Arel (@DanArel).

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Miranda Celeste Hale (@Mirandachale), CJ Werleman (@CJWerleman) and Dan Arel (@DanArel) join Jake to "flesh out" the finer things in life, like manboobs and foghorns, and the real cause of the Malaysian plane disappearance. Special reading of Nick Wallenda's Grand Canyon transcript at the end. 

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A wholly unprepared and unscripted show. They rarely happen, but it happened this time, and it was fun. Huge thanks to Andrew Skegg and Martin Pribble.

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BBC The Now Show's darling, and Jake's idol, Mitch Benn (@MitchBenn), Herd Mentalist Adam Reakes (@AdamReakes) and Pete join Jake (@JakeFarrWharton) to discuss the life, the universe and everything. And Narwhals. Sorry, long episode... but well worth it! Love you, enjoy!

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