Holly Warland @Fearblandness, Candice the @NonProphetess and Thomas Smith from @TandtheB and @SpeakAtheism join Jake to discuss autism, electing atheists and so much more! Enjoy!

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2 Episodes this week! Holly Warland (@FearBlandness), Candice (@Nonprophetess) and Thomas (@SpeakAtheism) and (@TandtheB) all join Jake to talk about the finer things in life, like Idaho potatos, Idaho Gubanatorial candidates and other non-Idaho related stuff. Enjoy!

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Comedian and host of A Rational Fear Podcast Dan Ilic (@DanIlic), Miranda C Hale of MirandaCillesteHale.com (@MirandaCHale) and host of the Herd Mentality Podcast Adam Reakes (@AdamReakes) join Jake to discuss the finer things in life, like open cut coal mines, Alan Jones' entire career and praying the gay away! Enjoy!

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Atheist Blobfish (@AtheistBlobfish), Paul Quranifyme (@Quranifyme) and Andrew Skegg (@Askegg) wax lyrical on the finer things in life. Enjoy!

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Atheist Blobfish (@Atheistblobfish), Paul from QuranifyMe Podcast (@Quranifyme) and Andrew Skegg (@Askegg) join Jake to discuss the finer things in life, like Sarah Palin, and sea monsters. http://www.patreon.com/ifriends

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Miranda C Hale (@MirandaCHale), Candice (@Nonprophetess) and Dan Arel (@DanArel) join Jake to discuss cows, zombies, moon landings, DNA, designer jeans and birthdays.

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