Part 2 of IFS 190, with Dan Arel (@DanArel), Miranda Hale (@MirandaCHale) and Ross Balch (@Skep_Challenged). Enjoy!

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This week, Jake is joined by Dan Arel (@DanArel), Miranda C Hale (@MirandaCHale) and Ross Balch (@Skep_Challenged), to discuss the most important things in the world, like flatulent cats, shirtless wrestling Vladimir Putin and so much more. Enjoy! 

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Live at the Hamilton Town Hall for Bris Skepticamp, with guests Ross Balch (@Skep_Challenged), Phil Kent (@Skeptimite) and Andrew Skegg (@Askegg). Audio is a little spotty at times, but it was such a fantastic day, so I couldn't, with good conscience, withold it from your auditory canals. Enjoy!

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A quick announcement and A NEW SONG!

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With Amanda (@AmandaTheAblaze), Noah Lugeons from The Scathing Atheist Podcast (@Noah_Lugeons) and Paul from Quranify Me Podcast (@QuranifyMe). 

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Amanda (@AmandaTheBlaze), Noah Lugeons from Scathing Atheist (@Noah_Lugeons) and Paul from Quranify Me (@QuranifyMe) join Jake to discuss the finer points in life, like Amanda, and Republicans.

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Part 2 of the live show with IFS and Ross from Skeptically Challenged. Enjoy!

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Part 1 of the live crossover show with Ross from Skeptically Challenged and Jake from IFS in Brisbane. Enjoy!

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This episode, CJ Werleman (@CJWerleman) author of new book Atheists Can't Be Republicans, and Tom and Ceeeeecil from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast (http://dissonancepod.com) join Jake to discuss American politics and media, euthanasia and so much more. Enjoy.

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