Raphael Latester returns to delight Nick (@NickMorganMoore) and I with part two of the discussion on his book, There was no Jesus, There is no god! Enjoy.

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Jake is joined by Richie Goodacre, Nick Morgan-Moore (@NickMorganMoore), Ross Balch (@Skep_Challenged) and Sandi (@ThatSandiGirl) to talk whistleblowing, spirituality, methane on Mars and so much more! Enjoy! 

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A Secular Nativity Play for Sci-Fi Lovers! An Xmas nativity play written, directed, produced, edited and acted by Jake Farr-Wharton. Special thanks to Nick (@NickMorganMoore), Ross (@Skep_Challenged), Sandi (@ThatSandiGirl), Adam (@AdamReakes) and Richie Goodacre. Enjoy! 

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This week Jake is joined by Nick Morgan-Moore (@NickMorganMoore), Ross Balch (@Skep_Challenged), Sandi (@ThatSandiGirl) and Richie Goodacre, talking about bombing Iran, animals going to heaven, arming Australians and so much more! Enjoy!

The Merry Mythmas song is available as a downloadable mp3 to all Patreons of the show - go to Patreon.com/ifriends.

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It brings us great pleasure to to announce that comedian Robin Ince (@RobinInce), co-host of BBC's Infinite Monkey Cage and incredibly acomplished comedian, is coming to Australia. Jake and Nick (@NickMorganMoore) sit down with him to talk about so much more than is possible to summarise.


Tickets here: http://atheistfoundation.org.au/2014/12/04/robin-ince-happiness-through-science/ 

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Jake is joined this week by Ross Balch (@Skep_ Challenged), Noah Lugeons (@Noah_Lugeons), Nick Morgan-Moore (@NickMorganMoore) and Jess Gamble (@JessGamble_x) discussing exorcism, torturing suspected terrorists, whether bloggers can be journalists and so much more! Enjoy! 

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Jake is joined this week by Ross Balch (@Skep_ Challenged), Noah Lugeons (@Noah_Lugeons), Nick Morgan-Moore (@NickMorganMoore) and Jess Gamble (@JessGamble_x) to discuss sea level rise, molotovs, police brutality, Soviet constitutions, and so much more! Enjoy. 

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Sorry, this episode is late. It was meant to go out around the 9-11 th of November, in memory of Kristallnacht, which marked the beginning of the Holocaust. May we never forget. 

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Please help bring Xmas to a group of Tanzanian orphans! - Donate here: https://www.chuffed.org/project/a-happy-christmas-for-tanzanian-orphans

Jake is joined by Nick Morgan-Moore (@NickMorganMoore - That's his name) and David Madison PhD, author of 10 Tough Problems in Christian Thought and Belief - A Minister-TurnedAtheist Shows Why You Should Ditch the Faith. Enjoy.

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