Dave 'The Happy' Singer, Martin S Pribble and Gregg Savage join the show to talk royal commissions into Catholic sex abuse; HIV is a deadly weapon; 14 YO married necrophiliacs in Egypt and; Nuns gone wild! Enjoy.

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Wrap up of the GAC2012, donate for a wheelchair for Talia and Santorum ruins chocolate thickshakes for Jake.

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Jake sat down with Ray Comfort, infamous moustachioed banana loving creationist, on his latest propaganda movie, on society, fornication, idolatry, and everything else in between. He also has a message for those attending The Global Atheist Convention 2012.

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Andrew Skegg from The Godless Business podcast and Marty from MartinSPribble.com join us. We discuss the myths behind Easter, complementary medicine, circumcision and the Global Atheist Conference that begins next week in Melbourne! Enjoy.

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