Fictionary: New-age hippy; Why atheism will replace religion; creationist nimrod attacks atheist demigod; Off course the tooth fairy is real; and much more! Enjoy!

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Dr Darrel Ray joins us to talk about his two awesome books, The God Virus and Sex and God. He's coming to Australia, so if you'd like him to speak to your group, email darrelray@thegodvirus.net or imaginaryfriendsshow@gmail.com for snorkelling and lunch on Feb 10th. Enjoy!

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Fictionary definition for spirituality; Which bible book would god wipe his butt with; Is my family insane; Raped and murdered woman could've stopped her attackers; and so much more! Enjoy!

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Introducting two new segments, Fictionary and What Would A Deity Do; Panda's are useful; Scientologists are hilarious; Stanford gets a humanist chaplain; Gambian leader claims herbs cure AIDS! Enjoy.

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