Tanner Campbell from the NoGodCast.com Podcast, Noah Lugeons from the ScathingAtheist.com Podcast and Adam Reakes from the HerdMentalityPodcast.com join Jake to deliver the week's news, views and shoes to your auditory canals, via the medium of awesomesause! Enjoy!

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The Religious Tourist (@ReligiousT) and Marty Pribble (@MartinPribble) join Jake to talk about ReligiousT's religious journey to this point. Enjoy!

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Mad Cows, Mad Oprah's and Mad Atheists. Get ready for a mega-sciencegasm with Ross Balch, Gregg Savage and Jake. Enjoy!

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Marty Pribble, Dan Arel, Religious Tourist and Emily Deitle join Jake to talk about the recent revelation that the Jesus  myth was made up by the Romans to pacify the poor and bring them together. Enjoy!

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Emily Deitle, Dan Arel, Religious Tourist and Marty Pribble join Jake to discuss life, the universe and everything. Also, a lot more than that! And then some more! Does this guy ever shut up? No. Then more.

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Emily Deitle from Emilyhasbooks.com, Dave Viviano AKA GammaAtheist.com, Adam Reakes from the Herd Mentality Podcast and the Religious Tourist @religiousT, all join Jake to discuss how atheists cope, and help their friends death, with grief.

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